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7 Summits of the Alps - A4A - Alps for Autism
under the patronage of Doug Scott
July - August 2013

In July 2013 I set out on a new joint project together with Autism Care Nepal (ACN), Community Action Nepal (CAN) and Autismeforeningen i Norge.

Seven Summits of the Alps - A4A Alps for Autism (patronage Doug Scott

My journey across the Alps by bike started in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and I arrived in France about 5 weeks later. Passing through seven counrtries, I not only wanted to climb the highest mountain in each of these countries, but I also wanted to contact local autism associations, clubs and media people to talk about the difficult situation Nepalese parents have to face.

Like my Great Himalaya Trail Charity Walk in 2012, the Seven Summits of the Alps (by bike) were a physical and mental challenge and - for sure - an undertaking not done very often. 

My main aim, however, was to raise financial funds for a parents’ training programme ACN wanted to start in 2014. Without financial support from the Nepalese Government, ACN depends on donations.

I hope that all the sweat and tears I shed along this trip are not shed in vain.

Along the way, I handed out 500 brochures about autism to schools and health posts; and talked (with the help of my guide Temba; see picture) to teachers, nurses and people in the villages.
Donations from companies and private people summed up to about 9,000 US Dollar, and the money was used for a basic education of two people in the field of "Vocational Training"; a qualification highly in demand and not offered in Nepal. As a result these persons had to move to India. Additionally, ACN could buy equipment for a urgently needed sensory room.