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Kirghiz : Кыргызстан Galicien :Quirguicistan

German : Kirgisistan, Kirgisien

Spanish : Kirguizistán,Kirguistán

Chinese : 吉尔吉斯斯坦

Swedish : Kirgizistan

Italian : Kirghizistan, Chirghizistan

Persian : قرقیزستان

No matter how you call this country ..... it`s worth a visit; or two, or three ......

All the pictures above were taken by my travel companion Ulrich Schroeder in 2003

2018 - Summer in Kyrgyzstan

15 years have passed since my last visit and I wonder if Kyrgyzstan is still the same.

I`m looking forward to find out.

Follow me to Central Asia`s "Switzerland"

Start 3. July 2018

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