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Hikes and culture in "Central Asia`s Switzerland"

The long way to Tash Rabat

From Naryn transportation to Tash Rabat can be arranged by local agencies and 3 hrs. later you arrive at the medieval caravanserai. How boring I thought and set out on a 140 km hike that not only took me to Tash Rabat but also to Chatyr Kol; a lake close to the Chinese border.

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Ak-Suu Traverse

This (approximately) 115 km long trek runs between the village Jyrgalan and Diety Oguz; famous for its red coloured rocks.

Rain, hail- and thunderstorms were my companions. Lucky there were always herders in the mountains who offered me a cup of hot tea and a snack.


High voltage and cold coffee

A hike between Arslanbob situated amidst famous walnut forests and Lake Toktugul; an ill-starred enterprise from the very start.  Many things went wrong; mostly due to my stupidity. It was pure luck that I managed to cross the mountains unscathed.

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