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People and Landscape

What people say about this book:

George Schaller; mammalogist, biologist, conservationist and author of "Stones of Silence"

Having visited the Dolpo region in 1973, I can well relate to the comment by Gerda Pauler  when in her book she expresses “an unknown feeling of fascination for Dolpo.”  She conveys that feeling wonderfully well with her evocative text and superb photographs of the landscape and people.  But she maintains a realistic vision of the region, not seduced by a romantic notion that she is in untouched nature.  She photographs the shrines and way of life of the Dolpo people, and, in an important contribution, has lengthy direct quotes from various individuals about their lives and visions.  She also relates changes such as schools in the communities and the impact of collecting high-priced caterpillar fungus on the local economy.  It is a highly informative and beautiful book, one that every visitor to Dolpo must read to obtain a greater appreciation of that remote area.

Dr. Deborah Long; Head of Plantlife Scotland: project leader for Nepal

I have just finished reading Gerda Pauler’s new book Dolpo people and landscapes and it’s taken me right back to Dolpo. Gerda gets under the skin of the Dolpo-pa. She takes the reader by the hand through the dramatic Dolpo landscape, she wanders amongst its houses and temples and talks to its people.

Dr. David Seddon; former Professor of Development Studies at University of East Anglia and author of books -- among others - on Nepal. 


"Another first rate book from Gerda Pauler, author of Great Himalaya Trail - an account of her 1,700 km journey across the roof of the world. This time, Gerda has provided a unique perspective - through her stunning photographs and thoughtful text - on the remote and starkly beautiful high-altitude Dolpo region of Nepal, its people and the challenges facing them"

Robin Boustead; author of books and guidebooks on Nepal


"Gerda's description of the mystical and stunningly beautiful Dolpo region is both insightful and detailed. She captures the essence of life in one of the world`s most challenging environments along with all the issues and contradictions of a traditional culture in the modern world. An excellent read for anyone interested in the region!"

Great Himalaya Trail
1700 km across the roof of the world

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